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Open sourcing the AI proxy

The Braintrust AI Proxy is now open source! We also added support for Azure OpenAI, provider load balancing, and the Replicate lifeboat model.Read more →

AI proxy: fostering a more open ecosystem

Introducing Braintrust's latest feature: an AI proxy that lets you use open source models like LLaMa 2 and Mistral, as well as all of OpenAI's and Anthropic's models, behind a single interface with caching, security, and API key management built in.Read more →

State of AI Development 2023

Retool recently surveyed over 1,500 workers and how their companies are adopting AI in their State of AI 2023 report. Here's what they are struggling with and how Braintrust can help them.Read more →

The AI product development journey

Building reliable AI apps is hard. It’s easy to build a cool demo but hard to build an AI app that works in production for real users. In traditional software development, there’s a set of best practices like setting up CI/CD and writing tests to make your software robust and easy to build on. But, with LLM apps it’s not obvious how to create these tests or processes.Read more →

Weekly update 11/13/23

Function calling and tool support, new blog posts, and project UI improvements.Read more →

Weekly update 11/06/23

Perplexity models support, new OpenAI models, reworked diff selector in experiment view.Read more →

Weekly update 10/30/23

Resizable sidebar, new help tooltips, performance optimizations, Replit.Read more →

Weekly update 10/23/23

Auto input variables in the playground, duration metrics, performance optimizations, partner releases.Read more →

Weekly update 10/16/23

Tracing, experiment dashboard customization, text-block prompts, bigger tables, new eval docs.Read more →

Weekly update 10/09/23

Performance improvements, fine tuning tutorial, Alpaca Evals, autocomplete in the playground.Read more →

It's time to build reliable AI

Introducing Braintrust: the enterprise-grade stack for building AI products. From evaluations, to prompt playground, to data management, we take uncertainty and tedium out of incorporating AI into your business.Read more →